PS…. my new blog is here cause I no longer live in London, but I want to keep on bloggin ’bout life 🙂 PLEASE check it out if you’ve got some time (or if you want to waste time you don’t have)


I started here–where I fell in love with rain and adventure and God.


Then I moved here (Nashville, TN) and this is where I leave my heart.


And now I am moving here, London.

I will be living in London for 160 days. I have never been to London, nor do I know any of the other students also attending Queen Mary University. I am a writer and an adventurer, a lover of rain and a lover of coffee, a follower of Christ and a seeker of Life. I want to live honestly and boldly, but quietly and in Truth so that when i come to die, I will not find that i have not lived (Thoreau).

I follow Jesus, the one who resurrects, and I am alive.

–Danielle Isbell

Photo on 8-17-13 at 12.21 PM #2


7 thoughts on “About

  1. how does one define an “adventurer”? who said you were qualified to call yourself one? HUH? HUH? yeah. i thought so.

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